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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Histrionics over Pre-Release of LP Financials

George Donnelly, I simply asked what evidence exists that the report is "confidential".  It strikes me as "bad faith" to read into my simple question your hyperbolic exaggerations about FOIA and red herrings about agendas. :-)  As for the LNC being an unresponsive "Bastille", I'm curious: have you been on the ramparts of your state or county LP "Bastille" before, or is all your LP experience in response-seeking instead of response-giving?

ENM, thank you for actually answering my question. Your straightforward response is a wonderful contrast to the histrionics that my question elicited from others.  Given that you apparently were withholding this explanation from Starr, perhaps next time you should call things like this a "selectively-reported leak".   :-)

Brian Miller, I'm the one on the LPCA ExCom who made the motion that the LPCA give front-page branding to our Prop 8 opposition and use our email distribution list to assist in the No-on-8 campaign.  My motion failed for lack of responses.  Since the 5-man LPCA management team consists of two Outright members and two of their longtime allies, maybe you can find out from them via Outright channels why they dragged their feet on this front.  I was very disappointed in them.

Thanks for letting us know that the voters in the "real world" to whom the Outright tries to "sell" the LP are deluging you with questions about the timeliness of pre-meeting disclosure of LP financials.  Solid market research like that is hard to come by.