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Sunday, November 30, 2008

When Character Is Really Revealed

George Donnelly is being tested by my maxim that: your character is revealed more by the few times you're wrong than by the many times you're right.

I'm not a word-twister, I'm a word-quoter.

I'm sorry that you're embarrassed that I chose to highlight the asymmetry in 1) your response to my satire about BTP chair tenure vs. 2) your non-response to the BTP ex-chair calling the LP leadership "corrupt vermin". Your immediate ex-chair engaged in vicious mud-slinging at me and the LP, and my response included a little satire aimed at his involvement with the BTP. You then selectively lectured me about "collateral damage" against the BTP, while remaining utterly silent about the BTP ex-chair's slurs against the LP.

When I insisted on pointing out this asymmetry, you then lectured me about "bad faith", and baldly denied the asymmetry without making any good-faith effort whatsoever to address the evidence I offered for it.

You can "feel" all you want that a topic doesn't "warrant further discussion", but I take your charges against me seriously, and I'll continue to answer every single clause of them.

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