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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Re: [LibertarianReformCaucus] A Reluctant Anarchist

Dan Ciccone quotes Joe Sobran without attribution:
JS) I miss the serenity of believing I lived under a good government, wisely designed and benevolent in its operation. But, as St. Paul says, there comes a time to put away childish things. (JS
So this recommendation for anarchism -- for the proposition that the U.S. government is as irredeemable as the worst regimes on R.J. Rummel's list of history's bloodiest, and that "state power naturally becomes absolute" -- comes from a political analyst who for most of his adult life considered America's a "good" and "benevolent" government?  Ooooookay.

What's "childish" here are consequence-free self-righteousness and indulgence in fallacies of the excluded middle.  Alas, time doesn't guarantee that one's growth away from childish things is monotonic -- i.e. that the things you put away later in life are childish.

So Dan, I've got a dare for you: will you spam to the censored main LPradicals list one minarchist essay of our choice for every anarchist essay you spam (without comment or even attribution) here to our main list?  If you've got the cojones to test the LPradicals censors, then I recommend starting with this one: