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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Knapp's Laser-Guided Ballot Didn't Vote For -- Freud explains why the more libertarian positions you take, the lower the odds that Tom Knapp will vote for you.

So I guess Tom didn't consider any of the following issues to be important this election:
  • "all people have a right to food, housing, medical care, jobs that pay a living wage, education, and support in times of hardship"
  • "a universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health plan"
  • "tuition-free post secondary (collegiate and vocational) public education"
  • "a universal, federally funded childcare program for preschool and young schoolchildren"
  • "contraception and abortion must be included in all health insurance policies in the U.S"
  • "full public financing of elections"
  • "require minimum pensions for all workers"
  • "workers' right to elect representatives to sit equally with management on the Board of Directors"
  • "no permanent replacement of striking workers"
  • "adopt a reduced-hour (30-35 hours) work week as a standard. This could translate into as many as 26 million new jobs"
  • "labor has the first right to buy out a company that is for sale or is going bankrupt, or being outsourced"
  • "management's unhindered right to close its workplace and move to a lower-pay locale must be circumscribed"
  • "allowing municipalities to approve or disapprove large economic projects case-by-case based on environmental impacts, local ownership, community reinvestment, wage levels, and working conditions"
  • "phase-out man-made pesticides and artificial fertilizers"
  • "increase CAFE standards to 60 MPG for cars and 45 MPG for light trucks by the year 2010"
  • "eliminate free parking in non-residential areas well served by mass transit"
  • "maintain free community bicycle fleets"
  • "consolidate housing into such structures as ecolonies, to free open space, and to move about by bicycle, train, bus and on foot so that roadways may be converted to parkland and agriculture"
  • "economic growth, as gauged by increasing GDP, is a dangerous and anachronistic American goal. The most viable and sustainable alternative is a steady-state economy"
Then again, Tom says that his laser-guided write-in vote for McKinney in Missouri wasn't a vote for the Green party's nominee because GP doesn't have ballot status there.  Thank goodness Tom's theory wasn't tested in the electoral college...