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Monday, November 24, 2008

Taboo or Informed Competent Consent

Starchild wrote:
SC) when we get to sexuality and children, we run up against powerful taboos and even many otherwise libertarian-oriented people start wanting to apply a different standard (SC
The standard should always be: informed competent consent.  We should distinguish between mindless taboos and the recognition that minors tend not to be as competent to give consent as adults are.
SC) What do you think about the article on sex among the elderly? (SC
I agreed with your comments about it, so I didn't read it.  As I indicated in my previous message, bright-line age-based rules are indeed a bad idea.  I prefer rebuttable age-based presumptions.
SC) Do you believe rights should be based to some degree on seniority? (SC
Rights depend on competence, and competence often varies somewhat predictably with age and other factors.
SC) I'm reluctantly adopting your stance of deleting most of what you wrote from my response, since my complaining about this on numerous occasions does not seem to have changed your practice of doing this (SC
I include just enough context for my response to make sense.  To include more is bad netiquette.  Your approach would have every message re-include the entire conversation.