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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cleaning Up Old Unanswered Lies

Since Rob Power is at it again and I've therefore directed people to this thread, I'll take out the garbage left lying around here by Brian Miller last May.

BM) My critique of his efforts (from last year, incidentally) was an observation of how utterly deranged the process has appeared to be up until this point. (BM

A lie.  Miller wrote only two months earlier, on Mar 6: BM) The whole thing is a ridiculous push-poll, and the people behind the platform nuttery are getting more deranged by the day.  I actually watched one of the louder advocates of the platform gutting compare the Bill of Rights to the United Nations as an example of "bad centralized government." (BM

Thus Miller's deranged/nuttery remark had nothing to do with "efforts to delete LGBT rights from the platform".  In fact, the Greatest Hits draft that PlatCom was working on in March had always included LGBT rights, and had even been publicly updated six months earlier to include specific LGBT topics identified by Rob Power (and not pursuant to any "strong outcry" form anybody).  Miller's explanation of his "deranged" comment is simply a series of demonstrable lies.

Miller also lies about PlatCom not seeking input about its work.  Our draft was always maintained at a URL that I publicized widely, and several times I sought input on the Outright forum specifically for our LGBT rights language.  I'm not aware of any other PlatCom that ever opened its internal committee email list to public monitoring (even though I advocated doing so), or that published an email address for platform feedback as early in the cycle as we did.  Mr. Miller never sent any feedback whatsoever to that address, nor did he ever provide feedback on our LGBT language any of the times I sought it on the Outright forum.

It's also a lie for Miller to claim that in May the PlatCom majority was not clearly preparing for minority reports. Details about this are in my comments earlier in this thread.

Miller's complaint about lack of "respectful debate" from Platform reformers is simply Orwellian.  The LPplatform-discuss archive is a massive monument to such debate, and not only from me.  Nearly half of PlatCom were participants on that forum, but Miller never bothered to participate there at all.  Miller of course lies when he says I called anyone who disagrees with the platform a "Marxist".  Miller also clearly doesn't understand the difference between theft and Fair Use satire.

Miller's last two paragraphs are unfalsifiable empty generalities seeking to paint a picture that is in sharp contrast with the actual facts that are publicly available.