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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sundwall "Supposes Actual Transgression Is Also A Possibility"

The question is whether Flood can prove the most serious charges: that Angela knowingly published false claims against our nominee, materially supported another party's opposition to our nominees, deliberately misled major LP donors, and sabotaged a worthy LNC lawsuit.  The resolution itself of course proves none of these charges, and Angela deserves a presumption of innocence.  But if any of the charges I described get proven, then why should the LNC not insist that Angela desist and apologize?

I commend you for at least briefly acknowledging the possibility that the LNC might be able / obligated to determine the truth of the most serious charges.  Most commentators on this topic seem to think that the only things that matter here are the ideology and character of the accused and accuser(s), and thus feel they already know enough to decide whether Angela should be disciplined.  That's simply bizarre.