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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Everybody But George Phillies Is An Idiot

George, you're being just a little too elliptical to be understood by someone who was enough of an "idiot" to publicly support your recent campaign on the first ballot on all three days he could vote for you. :-)

Your first comment in this thread was clearly critical of Starr's budget.  In that comment you quoted his email saying “you typically want a budget to be based on the most currently available data.”  You then replied sarcastically: "Readers will recall that 2008 was a Presidential election year, and 2009 is *not* a Presidential election year. Basing the 2009 budget on 2008 spending does not make sense."   Thus you clearly -- and incorrectly -- inferred from Starr's innocuous comment about data freshness that he was "basing the 2009 budget on 2008 spending".

When I said you quoted Dauben approvingly, I meant that you were agreeing with his inference (from your own statement) that Starr is in fact basing the 2009 budget on 2008 spending.  I then quoted you saying that for Starr to do so is idiotic, so I obviously was not saying you approved of Dauben's defense of Starr's alleged budgeting practice.

The fact remains that the 2009 budget is NOT simply a forward projection of 2008 spending, and "readers will note" that you haven't tried to defend your suggestion that it is.

OK, time for you to call one of your public supporters an "idiot" again.