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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LibertarianGirl, or Catgirl?

Debra Dedmond (LibertarianGirl), you can't possibly expect us to think that your sarcastic one-line dig about Alicia wearing shoes was more of a query about fashion choices than an attempt to echo Angela's "hillbilly" remark quoted above.  You can claim to have been "naive" coming into the PlatCom meeting in Denver -- in a room that Alicia had to scramble to arrange because your friend sitting next to you at the meeting had peevishly revoked the room he had promised to PlatCom as organizer of the the LSLA conference -- but please don't pretend that readers here are as naive as you claim you had been.  And are you also going to tell us there's nothing vicious in your use of the epithet "gruesome threesome"? 

The sad thing is, you are one of the most fair-minded and reflective of the self-identified LP Radicals, and your agreement with Paulie about the demonizing many Libertarians do is much more typical of what I've come to expect from you. Similarly, I'll say that ever since her narrow loss in the Denver LNC race, Susan has been far, far less of a "mouthy" demonizer than she had been before.  As the two runners up for LNC at-large, I think either Alicia or Susan would be a fine choice for any LNC at-large vacancy.

As I told you right after Vegas: "in appointing alternates, the LNC was very explicit in ranking the members and alternates, and even discarded some eager potential alternates because of opposition to them on LNC. Thus the LNC was not merely trying to put more shoulders to our oars, but had created an ordered roster for the team it wanted to work on repairing the Platform."   All the points you raise are addressed in the "Rule Police" thread you started then at  As Bob said recently, the proof is in the pudding.  The team that the LNC assembled was able to repair the Platform in spite of all the animosity going in to the Platform debate, and since its adoption the repaired platform has attracted almost no criticism.  The process worked, and LNC deserves credit for naming Alicia interim chair.

P.S. It's extremely ironic that you repeat your February comment about a PlatCom member being a registered Republican.  Yes, that PlatCom member had temporarily re-registered to try to become a delegate for Ron Paul -- a Republican candidate about whom Angela has been far more enthusiastic than about our own LP nominee.  Now Angela is faced with more serious charges of party abandonment than what led to a resignation from PlatCom, but your standard seems to have changed since February.

The only times I can recall seeing Alicia without shoes are 1) when she had to stand at the podium all day in Denver during the NatCon Platform debate, and 2) toward the end of the 2o-hour days she was putting in for us at our Vegas meeting. That weekend included walking back and forth between the LSLA convention and the meeting space that Alicia had to get for us because Debra’s friend Jim Duensing took away from PlatCom the room he was going to give us.

It’s just plain catty to say that Alicia “is almost always shoe-less”.