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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hogarth Decades Late on the LP Civility Beat

Susan Hogarth wrote: SH) You have claimed that the deliberate killing of a lot of people is the best possible path under some circumstances, haven't you?  (SH

What I've claimed is that in all circumstances, the number of innocent people that get killed should be minimized. Readers can decide how civil it is to say that I "advocate mass murder" simply because I'd choose saving innocent lives over keeping my hands spotless if forced into such a choice.

It's fascinating to me that you and other radicals have complained far more about the alleged incivility of a decades-old dispassionate impersonal essay than about the vicious and boorish personal insults that an LNC at-large rep has seen fit to publish this year.  I'm quivering with anticipation as I wait for this newfound intolerance for incivility is unleashed on LP leaders writing in 2009 rather than in the 1970s. :-)

Starchild, the Hospers essay predates his switch to the GOP by years, if not decades. I don't see anything wrong with using the terms "nanny state", "childish" or "whining" to describe things that satisfy the relevant senses of those terms.