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Sunday, December 14, 2008

George Donnelly joins the Black Knight Caucus

George Donnelly, I repeat: the insult in that sentence is in suggesting that “those Christian types” tend to marry their “uncle cousins”.   I'm confident that not even a single lurker here would fail to recognize this, so I'm quite happy to leave you twisting in the wind with your ludicrous "Formalhaut" analogy.

I'm equally confident that no lurker would agree I unfairly quoted Angela, and even the hyper-tendentious Mike here blandly affirmed that my quote "was in one of Angela’s many sarcastic lines in an email in the charges document".  (In the preceding quote I elided Mike's connecting clause "you can find it" -- now give us another laugh and claim I quoted Mike unfairly.)

Your definition of "collective deprecation" is absurdly pinched.  It is obviously collective deprecation to apply to someone a label that is an insulting way to identify members of a group, e.g. nigger, dyke, hillbilly. Your disingenuous denial of this is a handy gauge of your bias and desperation.

Seebeck's brand of Black Knight-style victory vouching is rubbing off on you. You have yet to address the asymmetry in your chiding that I shamed you about in the Davidson thread.  Thank you for reminding me of your feeble point about my former monitoring of the Radical Caucus list.  I answered it immediately at, but I waited a week to post it on that thread that I had declared had jumped the shark.  Sorry, you'll have to cancel your victory parade, but feel free to whine that I'm a "chameleon" because I debate against only what I disagree with.

Mike Seebeck, readers can decide for themselves if your pop-psychology ramblings successfully reconcile your statements that 1) “people are responsible for their own actions/reactions, period” and 2) "it has to do with how one reacts to and manages stress”.  I guess your position is that "Alicia Mattson is responsible for her own actions/reactions, period" but "Angela Keaton is responsible for her own actions/reactions, comma".  That's fine, you can hardly be expected to be completely objective or consistent while rising to the defense of your friend.  I count both Alicia and Angela as friends, and that's why I'm not arguing myself into a corner the way you have.

Congratulations for anticipating my obvious answer to your tedious charge of "changing the subject".  Yes, what I have chosen to disagree with here is just your dismissal of Angela's bigoted insults as mere "humor".  Again: spare us the incessant whining that I’m only disagreeing with part of what you say.  Man up, and either defend your statement as it applies to this specific insult, or ignore my criticism.

Thanks for not accepting my challenge to "quote anything you’ve written on this matter that even suggested the possibility that you don’t defend what Angela did".  I only started commenting on this thread to find out if you really consider "thick legged hillbilly girl"/"married to their uncle cousin" to be "humor"/"nothing" and thus not inappropriate for an LNC rep to have publicly written about an LP member.  Either your "humor"/"nothing" statement applies to this bigoted insult, or it doesn't.  Either you condone this specific remark, or you don't. Which is it?

You are flat-out wrong that the "thick-legged hillbilly girl" remark generated any laughter in San Diego.  Check the tape.  Other comments did, but that one didn't.