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Friday, December 12, 2008

Seebeck Shucks and Jives; Donnelly Plays Ahab

Mike Seebeck, straight up: is it or is it not offensive to call someone a “thick-legged hillbilly girl married to their uncle cousin”? Is that an appropriate thing for an LNC rep to publicly write about an LP member? Yes or no? Man up. Stop fleeing. Answer the question.

Just because I only think that Angela should apologize for a small subset of Flood’s laundry list of charges, that doesn’t mean I’m “missing the point” or “reframing the issue”. Stop whining, and start taking personal responsibility for your apparent position that Angela did nothing to apologize for. If that’s not your position, then just say so. Otherwise, stop whining that I disagree with it.

By the way, it’s been said that Angela’s health suffered in response to the charges against her, and that at one point she was even vomiting blood. I wonder how that fits with your theory that: “People are responsible for their own actions, period, and that includes the reactions in response to someone else’s actions, for nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to react the way you do–only you do–your choice, you responsibility.”

Seebeck keeps breaking my irony meter.  First he can't resist the verbal tic of saying I'm to be ignored, but an hour later he's again writing lengthy responses to my straightforward questions.  He complains that my writing is incomprehensible, but he shucks and jives with endless paragraphs of psycho-babble and tedious truisms, never daring to address the actual text of what Angela actually wrote -- like, wow, the actual facts of the case.  So much for asking him to "man up".

Mike, you of course offer zero evidence that I have in this episode ever "confused the actions of one person with the reactions of another to those actions".   I defy you to quote anything you've written on this matter that even suggested the possibility that you don't defend what Angela did. In this very thread you called all the charges "nothing".  You might want to look that word up.

You need to pick a theory of personal responsibility and stick with it. Either "people are responsible for their own actions/reactions, period" or "it has to do with how one reacts to and manages stress".  When you're done arguing with yourself on this one, let us know.

I didn't "change the subject".  My very first comment in this thread began with three sentences that each quoted you.  I get to decide which statements of yours I disagree with, not you.  Here's a clue: if you don't want to defend it, don't say it.  Or say it, and ignore my criticism of it.  But spare us the incessant whining that I'm only disagreeing with parts of what you say.  Even you are not capable of being wrong 100% of the time.

George Donnelly, it's laughable for you to suggest that my quote of Angela's "hillbilly" remark is misleading.  In fact, by your own logic, her actual quote is far more damning, because it's even more clearly group deprecation than my condensed version of her insult.  Her full quote was: "All those Christian types married to their uncle cousins look the same to me."  Your comparison to "all blue idiots from Formalhaut [sic] look the same to me” is shockingly disingenuous.  You could not possibly be so stupid as to not recognize that the insult here is in suggesting that "those Christian types" tend to marry their "uncle cousins".  When someone as smart as you must stoop to such obtuseness to defend Angela's boorishness, it condemns her action more severely than I could ever do.  (And when you vacuously claim I am "making up stuff again", you surrender even more of your credibility in your apparent Ahab-like quest to avenge yourself for the outcome of one or two of our previous debates. Nobody can be right 100% of the time, either.  As I said before, when you're right 99.9% of the time, your character is exhibited more in the 0.1%.)

Equally disingenuous is your comment that “her use of the word ‘hillbilly’ is not for collective deprecation. She called someone a hillbilly, but she did not comment on the collective of hillbillies.”  Let's see how well this artfully strained logic generalizes:  "her use of the word 'nigger' is not for collective deprecation. She called someone a nigger, but she did not comment on the collective of niggers."