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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Liking Cumulative Voting For LNC At-Large

Chuck, I agree that either cumulative voting or STV would be an improvement on our at-large voting process.

Thomas Sipos asks: When did I “admit” to mischaracterizing the platform survey?

Answer: comment 91, where you admitted that you "exaggerate" even as you gave what I promptly documented to be a severely distorted caricature of the platform survey.

George, if you're ever unsure from the context what I mean by a word, then you can assume the most relevant sense given by  Merriam-Webster.  I'll leave it to our English-speaking readers to decide for themselves whether I "twist, distort and misrepresent" when I say that to "exaggerate" is a way to "mischaracterize".  Anyone who wonders what thread George is talking about can pick up the trail at  Anyone who thinks I've ever been uncivil to George is invited to cite an example, either here, or to me privately, or to me anonymously via Chuck or Paulie.  I'll answer any such examples in the aforementioned blog, where I've politely answered every criticism I've ever seen George make of me.

Jim, the 11th Libertarian Commandment isn't really a demand for LP loyalty, because it's just a corollary of the more general rule that I advocate (and practice) for small-L libertarians. For example, I defend the Republican Liberty Caucus from LPers who claim it is a GOP conspiracy to destroy the LP.  So nice try, but you'll have to try harder if you ever want to start defending -- against the overwhelming evidence I've already quoted to you -- your recklessly false assertion that I demand party loyalty from LP members.

My understanding is that Rachel Hawkridge is opposed to the LNC asking Angela to apologize to the membership for any of the actions in Flood's resolution that Angela might have committed.  Rachel is a member of a Facebook group that apparently believes that if Angela did any of the things on Flood's list, then she was "only doing her job".