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Monday, December 15, 2008

Mike Seebeck, Poster Child For Radical Incivility

Meanwhile, on Mike Seebeck's blog recently, more data points:

"For Angela’s detractors, critics, and enemies, I will defer to a quote by Thomas Knapp: 'Go fuck yourselves.'"  cf. Hospers: "the unconscious formula that the typical anarchist projects is: 'Go screw yourself!'"  (I won't debate Hospers over how conscious Mike is when he blogs.)

Seebeck also refers to the "pure incompetence or sheer evil" of the non-radical faction on LNC.  Here's Hospers: "There is a childish insistence on the obviousness of all points of anarchist doctrine, and of the evil and malevolence of anyone who makes an honest point against it." (I still agree with anarchist Chuck Moulton that the Keaton Affair was not about ideology, but Keaton partisans insist otherwise, and so that's what makes this "sheer evil" comment relevant.)

The demonization of Libertarians we disagree with has got to stop.  Susan, the easiest way to muffle my criticism of incivility by LP radicals is to criticize it before I do.  Or, you can keep trying to scrape up examples of incivility in the Obama criticisms in writings recommended by minarchists who left the LP years and years ago...