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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tom Sipos And The Big Lie

Thomas Sipos, before you go spouting that Big Tent is a "Big Lie", consider that LP Radicals triumvir Marc Montoni wrote in 2007: "I do not agree that any affiliate has the right to call for a new national sales tax, or even a state one. I do not agree that any affiliate has any right to advocate for school vouchers. [...] And I do not agree that affiliates who endorse candidates who support any of these things should be allowed to remain as affiliates of the Libertarian Party".  Thus Montoni apparently believes the LP should disaffiliate the LPNC for endorsing the voucher-advocating Michael Munger, as well as every affiliate that endorsed the sales-tax-advocating Bob Barr.

Can you quote any moderate LP leader advocating that the LP "purge anarchists", or is your "Big Lie" claim itself just a fabrication?  rdupuy (Robert Dupuy of Tennessee) says he "would love to see all anarchists leave the LP", but he didn't say he would purge anybody, and he's not even among the ~1000 members of the LP Reform Caucus -- let alone any kind of moderate LP leader.

Your talk of "projection" suggests that you cannot answer the Big Tent case on its merits, and so you have to resort to demonization based on your telepathic powers.

P.S. M Carling and Alicia Mattson are Reform Caucus leaders who are also on the board of the LNCC.  And who did we learn this weekend was one of four candidates who received LNCC donations this cycle?  Why, Morey Straus, one of the three Radical Caucus triumvirs.  I applaud that choice, as Morey's 30-second campaign video is the best I've ever seen from any LP candidate.  Ever.

Also see, above, Justin Raimondo’s 2003 call — from the podium of the LPIL convention — for a purge of what he calls “pro-war elements” in the LP. Tom, do you agree with Raimondo that there should be no room in the LP for liberventionists?