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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sipos Standard For a Big Lie

Speaking of Big Lies, it’s funny how the only evidence you have of Reform Caucus representatives advocating you leave the LP is your interpretation of your unverifiable recollection of a conversation with unnamed people that took place over two years ago. In your mind, this is enough to justify saying “Big Tent has long been a Big Lie.”

And of course, you don’t bother to defend your claim that “Big Tent people who whine about being victims of potential purges are in fact engaging in projection”. Just throw your mud, ignore how the Montoni and Raimondo quotes utterly refute your telepathic claim about “projection”, and retreat to the next trench.

P.S. What “biased” stickers? “Biased” just means “making a point Tom Sipos doesn’t agree with”, right? But it’s not “biased” to say that “Big Tent equals Big Lie”, even though you can’t quote a single Reform Caucus leader saying what you claim we say. LOL.