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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tom Sipos arguing with the voices in his head

Tom Sipos apparently misinterprets a standard reformer point about tax efficiency and the education purpose of the LP, and suddenly he gets to say that the Big Tent idea is a "Big Lie".

I point out that the ONLY evidence for Sipos's interpretation is his unverifiable memory about an unnamed reformer, and suddenly I'm calling him a "liar" and questioning his "integrity".

Sipos, you just broke my irony meter.  Thanks for walking into that one chin-first.

How much of what I say is verifiable?  Well, in contrast with your misinterpreted memory of an unnamed reformer's spoken words, I've offered direct quotes of the transcribed/written words of two past and present leaders of the Radical Caucus: Marc Montoni and Justin Raimondo.

Tom, if you ever want to actually engage the merits of the reformer position, then feel free to try to contradict any of the statements at  Until you do that, you're just arguing with the voices in your head.