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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Calling Me Right-Wing Is Stupid

It's an outright lie by Allan Wallace to say that the LP/LPCA has "withdrawn support" for repealing Prop 8.

I'm pushing the LP to the Right?  I'm a militant atheist (published at who defends Roe v. Wade and criticizes the LP for not being green enough.  I made the motion demanding the LPCA support No-on-8 with its web site and email distribution list, and in Vegas I was the one who tracked down the Outright leaders in another room and asked them to review the gay-rights language I added to the draft LP platform. (They liked it.)  I publicly oppose all regulations and bans on gambling, suicide, substance use, pornography, gay marriage, polyamory, sexual practices, sexual commerce, reproductive commerce, cloning, etc.  I'm a free-market liberal who never calls himself "conservative", and the web site for all my campaigns has been  Calling me right-wing would be too stupid to even be classified as a lie.