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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Secret List of Republican Infiltrators

To Allan Wallace at

Only in comment 9 does Senator Joe McWallace even come close to giving us any specifics behind his I-have-a-secret-list-of-Republican-infiltrators fear-mongering.  And when he does, he gets his facts wildly wrong.  The gutting of the Platform in 2006 was not a recommendation of the 2006 PlatCom, or even of a PlatCom minority report.  The gutting was in fact effected by a majority vote of the 300 delegates in Portland, and then was confirmed by a 2/3 vote of the 600 delegates in Denver.  Thus Wallace apparently has hundreds of names on his secret list of Republican infiltrators.

Wallace is simply ignorant if he thinks that the idea of Platform reform was imported to the LP after the failure of the Gingrich revolution.  He should read up in the LP News archives about how close the Committee For A Libertarian Majority came to reforming the Pledge, Platform, and Statement of Principles in 1992-1993.  My understanding is that SoP reform missed the 7/8 requirement by one vote, so that adds several hundred more Republican infiltrators to the secret list.

For anybody interested in actual facts related to LP history, the most comprehensive resource I've seen is at

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