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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Outright Doesn't Want You To Know

DPI repeals Prop 8 -- but Outright doesn't want you to know this and never dares admit it in any of their official statements. Meanwhile, LPCA opposition to Prop 8 remains on the record at:

Of those three consecutive California Freedom issues, the first two featured Prop 8 opposition on the front page.  See also Google's cache of's massive list of organizations against Prop 8:  LPCA is on the list, but Outright Libertarians isn't.

Draw your own conclusions indeed, because the picture Outright draws remains deceptively incomplete.

P.S. Outright's California coordinator, Angela Keaton, wrote last year about DOMA: "I don't really give a damn either way -- the proper libertarian position is no state sanction for anyone".