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Saturday, April 18, 2009

LNC Makes Its Own Rules, or Just Own Facts?

Debra, I assume you're not saying that your view of how the rules apply might be different because Lee is "our fire under the feet and we cant afford to lose him".  Take a different LNC member and an even clearer situation under 8.4.  What if it were discovered that, say, Aaron Starr had not been a sustaining member when he was last elected to LNC?  Would someone who like's Lee's fire say that it would take an LNC vote to re-certify a determination that Starr hadn't been a sustaining member? Would they then also say that the LNC is free under 8.4 to decline to disqualify Starr's election?  Wrights apparently does not dispute that his sustaining membership lapsed, so I'm not sure what a for-cause vote here would decide. Is the LNC free to make up its own rules, or just its own facts?  Why would we read the rules as saying the LNC can vote to make up its own facts about a lapse in sustaining membership, but not about a lapse in attendance?