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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Five-Pack Of Brian Miller Lies

Paulie, thanks for pasting the readily-available evidence that Miller's "social conservative" charge is a blatant lie -- one that he doesn't even try to defend from your rebuttal.

"Big government" is of course another lie.  I oppose all laws regulating prices, minimum wages, maximum hours, equal pay, plant closure, family leave, hiring, firing, occupational licensure, insurance policies, zoning, rents, product safety, drug efficacy, fuel efficiency, parental media control, media copying technology, education, health care, health insurance, agriculture, retirement savings, etc.

"Big war" is yet another Miller lie. While I agreed with the 2001 LNC resolution on pursuing al Qaeda into Afghanistan, I have for years opposed policing any civil war in Iraq and advocated withdrawal of U.S. troops.

"Equal time" is still another Miller lie.  When I was a CF contributor I gave zero time to libervention, and have never said that CF should give anything like "equal time" to it.  What I've instead said is that we don't need to average 3 anti-intervention articles per issue.

"Pro-uterus-regulation" is also a Miller lie.  I adamantly defend Roe v. Wade and the absolute right to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester. I also defend the right to end a pregnancy in the third trimester if it leaves a healthy fetus unharmed or if the fetus has serious congenital defects. 90% of abortions in America are in the first trimester, and many of the remaining abortions are of fetuses with congenital defects.  What I would outlaw is just infanticide of healthy viable children that happens to be done while the umbilical cord is still intact.  Thus saying I'm "pro-uterus regulation" is a lie.

Miller's claims about the Domestic Partnership Initiative are a smoking cinder at and elsewhere.

That my "positions were more-or-less identical to the positions of his Republican Party opponent in his Congressional run" is stunning news to me.  I'd love for Miller to have the courage to try to back up this fascinating claim.  Don't bet on it.