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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sipos Comprehension and Miller Lies

Tom Sipos, the reading comprehension problem here is yours.  When I say "CF readers saw absolutely nothing there about the eight most serious charges against Sipos’s hero Angela Keaton", I of course mean that someone with just CF in their hands would have no idea about the nature of the most serious charges against Angela.  Do you dare dispute this?

Here I quote the sum total of your specifics about the charges against Angela
  • "publicly criticizing the LP and its leaders"
  • "joining a Boston Tea Party Facebook account [sic]"
  • "the photoshopped image of her and LP Treasurer Aaron Starr" [which you found space to reprint]
You then devoted several paragraphs to questionable second-hand characterizations of how people in the room reacted, and only then said that the "laundry list of alleged misdeeds" is available at a 111-character URL you surely didn't expect people to type into a browser.  Here are the allegations that nobody reading only your article could have known about:
  • telling LP donors they've been defrauded
  • publicly writing that "friends don't let friends join the LP"
  • calling an LP member from the South a "hillbilly" "married to their uncle cousin"
  • making crude sexual compliments to paid LP staff
  • posting a false rumor about a "possible indictment" of Wayne Root
  • asking the LPNH Chair to not join an LNC-authorized lawsuit
  • publicly divulging the contents of executive session
  • making a verbal threat to Stewart Flood
I defy anybody to say that your three quotes could give any reader of your article an idea of the nature of the most serious charges.  The excuse that the rest of the charges were available online at a 111-character URL is just inane.

I stand by my assertion that "nobody has told Sipos he 'shouldn’t discuss America’s foreign interventions'".  I challenge you to give us verifiable evidence to the contrary.  Any competent journalist should know that you don't put words in quotation marks unless you can characterize their source. You'll probably come up with a story about how some unnamed reformer at some convention somewhere allegedly told you this in a bathroom or on a sidewalk, but you'll conveniently fail to back up this quote with anything from all the written criticism of you by people like Cohen and me.

I'd ask Miller to quote any charge of "antisemitism" in Flood's indictment of Keaton, but we already know that Miller doesn't traffic in facts.  At least, not competently.  For example, Miller apparently doesn't know that  the "policeman for the world" language was thrown out in the 2006 convention (thus falsifying Miller's "convention after convention" assertion), and that its restoration was initiated with my approval by the 2008 PlatCom subcommittee that I chaired.  Oh, and guess who proposed its restoration?  Alicia Mattson.  So yes, it gets a lot more "black and white than that", because some libertarians make good-faith arguments that deposing Saddam was self-defense instead of policing the world.

So Brian, you keep calling me names like "neoconservative", "pro-war", and "big-government", and I'll keep documenting your lies and factual errors.

Paulie, in this collision, I leave it to you to decide who is the windshield and who is the bug.