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Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Wallace Hand-Waving and Miller Lying

Allan Wallace, by a conservative count there are 18 distinct assertions in my posting, and at most one or two of them are not either 1) trivially verifiable by consulting the textual sources I discuss or 2) an assertion an existential negative that I defy anybody to falsify.   I dare you to contrast that with your recent current-leadership-of-the-lp editorial, about unnamed "former Republican activists", unidentified "most influential states in the LP" that they control, undescribed "real changes" that they are "poised to make", unspecified "principles the LP has always stood on", unquoted "specifics from our Platform",  hypothetical "takeovers" that may or may not have been attempted, and an uncharacterized "true center" of the LP that we need to go "back" to.  You and Brian Miller can just keep name-calling and hand-waving, and I'll continue quoting texts, citing facts, naming people, and providing URLs.

Oh, and don't skimp on the supply of straw men, like Miller's"perpetual assertion" of mine that I ask "equal time" on divisive issues.  My laptop index confirms that I've never in my life used the phrase "equal time" in this context, but that doesn't deter Miller from his habit of fabricating quotes and acting as if I wrote them.  In fact, all I've ever requested on this topic is that CF not excessively emphasize any of the Big Three LP Franchise Schisms of abortion, immigration, and libervention.  As my article above even points out, when Bruce Cohen and I were running CF, we didn't give "equal time" to libervention -- we never pushed it a single time, even while publishing at least five anti-intervention pieces.  Such is the audacity of Miller's lying -- he'll make something up and call it a "perpetual assertion" of mine and attach it to an article where I document how I don't provide equal equal time (or ANY time) for the minority liberventionist view.  (Brian, feel free to keep name-calling me "petulant" for daring to document your lies; it makes it easier to find them in my search index.)

By the way, Miller hilariously trips on his own ignorance with his claim about supermajorities at "convention after convention".  Even after recruiting for months before the 2006 LPCA convention (include advertising in CF), organized anti-interventionists failed to assemble the 2/3 supermajority needed to pass their Iraq resolution.  Similarly, at the 2006 LP convention in Portland, at the height of the Sunni-Shia civil war, a majority voted not to consider a resolution calling for withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq.

Tom Blanton, I never called for Angela to resign in the first place, so stop pretending that I ever did.  The record is clear at