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Thursday, May 7, 2009

George Orwell Calling Tom Knapp, Come In Please

Somebody running for Vice Chair while not even a party member doesn't raise Tom Knapp's eyebrow.  Nor is it raised if somebody on LNC has donated so little money to the LP that he brings himself into violation of the qualification bylaw.  But if somebody on LNC -- say, a life member and heavy party donor -- actually tries to enforce that qualification rule, then Tom Knapp finds them guilty of breaking the rules.  Then Tom finds them doubly guilty because -- wait for it -- they allegedly didn't do all they could have to extract $25 from the recidivist to prevent an "imminent bylaws violation".  And so for caring too much about the qualification rule after the actual violation, but not engaging in enough paternalism before the violation, they now have exhibited cause for suspension.

George Orwell called.  He wants his eponym back.