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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tom Sipos's Reading Level

Careful, Jim, if you start talking about temporal anisotropy or any other subject beyond his reading level, Tom Sipos will accuse you of "farting".

Since consciousness is emergent it can aptly be described as illusory, but the local arrow of time is as real as -- and arguably defined by -- the local entropy gradient over the time variable.

Mr. Sipos seems to assume that I'm as obsessed with him as he apparently is with me.  Even though he suggested (incorrectly) in the LPCA newspaper that I was "gathering supporters for the state convention" in a conspiracy to have ExCom fire him, I barely noticed he was there and certainly didn't look for his credentials or monitor how/whether he voted.

A quick computer search shows why I thought Sipos wasn't an LPCA member.  In a discussion of the LPCA newspaper, he said he had deliberately let his party membership lapse, but that he might rejoin so that he can attend the 2010 NatCon.  I assumed Sipos knew that a NatCon delegate need only be a member of an LP affiliate, and I replied "I didn’t know you had let your LP membership(s) lapse."  His insubstantive reply was buried in a blizzard of more cogent responses to me by other people, and at any rate his reply never actually said he was an LPCA member.  If he will be an LPCA member in 2010, then I guess I just cost the LPUS $25 by correcting his ignorance about the party that he's paid $3850 per year to write about -- even while bragging in the LPCA newspaper that he voted for someone other than the party's presidential nominee.