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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Knapp Keeps Imagining Straw Men

Tom Knapp writes: TK) I've pointed out that the particular asymmetry you allude to does not exist. (TK

What you did was 1) quote me paraphrasing my thesis, 2) assert without argument that my claimed asymmetry does not exist, 3) rephrase my thesis, 4) admit the existence of the asymmetry posited in that thesis, and 5) explicitly decline to defend said asymmetry.

If you really want to mount a defense of the corner you've backed yourself into on the trivial meta-issue of how this discussion has transpired, then I again invite you to quote me anything you've written above that either 1) cogently disputes a single claim I make, or 2) offers any evidence that I'm "making up" something here.

My thesis remains as follows: the Dallas Accord when combined with a 2000-word platform (like 1972 or now) is a fair compromise for anarchists and smallarchists alike; however, when the DA is combined with a 14,000-word recipe for abolishing every aspect of government, it’s a bad deal for the smallarchists — a deal that no LP radical tries to defend. 

Care to dispute my thesis?  Or are you just going to keep repeating your substance-free mantra that my thesis argues against some unidentified "strawman"?

Kevin, your first few name-calling paragraphs indicate that you don't want to even engage my thesis.  Scanning the rest of your content, I see waaay too many references to Christianity to be of interest to this atheist polemicist.  If your defense of anarcholibertarianism depends on Christian revelation or theology, then responding to that defense is going to be an extremely low priority to me.  If instead you ever engage head-on the substance of my argument, and do so without invocation of any theology, then let me know.