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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tom Sipos Bristles

Tom Sipos is hilarious.  He was a signatory of the Restore04 petition asking to restore the 2004 platform, including its crypto-anarchist language advocating personal secession and immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws.  In a discussion about the LP platform, he gets all evasive about his own position on the platform, and bristles: "why bring it up?"  But of course, he doesn't recognize it as a textbook red herring for him to introduce into this anarchism/minarchism/platform debate his favorite bogeyman: nameless libertarians who allegedly "support wars and empire".  Nor does he dare try to put any substance behind his drive-by mudslinging.

Thanks for the comical interlude, Tom. Now, Gary, on the serious question of the LP Pledge, see