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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Re: [ba-liberty] Re: A modest approach to non-intervention

Bob, deaths at the time of the poll were about 0.3% of the population,
so your point about "artificially high" is irrelevant. Note that if
Saddam's 1.5M victims could have spoken, that would have added fully 3%
to the pro-deposing-Saddam 61% number.

A more relevant point is that the April 2004 poll was an entire year
after the liberation, and taken in the midst of the first battle of
Fallujah. When you read polling data from 2004, it's clear that support
for the Coalition Forces had been significantly higher in 2003.
Nevertheless, even after the Abu Ghraib pictures were released in late
April and the spring violence continued, a poll in June 2004 showed that
45% of Iraqis still didn't want Coalition Forces to leave until a
permanent government got elected in Iraq.

To refresh your memory about whether our troops were greeted as
liberators, watch these videos: