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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Re: A modest approach to non-intervention

Harland Harrison wrote:

HH) So I would ask those advocates why the country attacked should
get any less than what theyconsider the best possible government?
Why not make the victims part of this country, if you intend to help
them? (HH

That's easy -- the Iraqi people wouldn't want it. By contrast, do you
know what percent of Iraqis polled in April 2004 said "Saddam Hussein's
ouster made it worth any hardships"?

HH) I don't believe they want to invade for the good of the citizens
of the targeted country at all. (HH

Hey, whatever you need to rationalize your disagreement with them. Me,
I can disagree with somebody while still crediting them the intentions
they say they have. For example, I can credit George Bush with every
good intention he ever claimed, and still argue he was a terrible
president. Can't you? Or is your assessment of him based on your
mind-reading prowess? :-)