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Monday, September 29, 2008

Defining Rights

GD) it's your (as in reformers') latest article: (GD

It's Carl's latest article.  Again, the Reform Caucus doesn't mandate a single flavor of libertarianism -- Carl's or mine or anybody else's.

In my judgment, Carl is too willing to let others define libertarianism narrowly, and thus is fond of thinking outside what he sees as the libertarian box.  However, I've never seen him identify a supposed exception to libertarian theory that can't be recognized as one of the many free variables in said theory.  I just added nuisance and rights-of-way to my list at

The Reform Caucus doesn't have official positions on any of these variables.  The Radical Caucus seems to think there's no such thing as a free variable in libertarian theory, but good luck getting them to specify how each of these variables should be turned into a constant.  The Radical Caucus used to say their purpose is "to strengthen the Libertarian Party by educating LP members about the Party's core principles and history", but their public web site has never had more than a few sentences about either.  However, I've heard that their private mailing list features lots of helpful information about how "neocons" and "statists" are bad and stinky.